Two young actors will help Jason Momoa with ‘Aquaman’ flashback scenes

Last month we learned that while Aquaman will take place after Justice League, there will be some flashbacks as well. It’s been reported that Otis Dhanji has been cast as a 13 year old Arthur Curry, but now we know of another young actor who will help Jason Momoa tell Aquaman’s story.

Aquaman Shrine tweeted that Kaan Guldur will be playing a 9 year old Arthur Curry. They also say that Aquaman will reveal character origins and Atlantean history via flashbacks, similar to Geoff Johns New 52 “Aquaman” comic book run.

What kind of Aquaman flashbacks would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Aquaman Shrine (Twitter) (1), (2)