Wonder Woman’s incredible end credits sequence is officially online

Wonder Woman is still kicking butt in theaters, but the incredible end credits sequence has been officially released online.

Art of the Title caught up with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and the team at Greenhaus GFX, the studio responsible for creating the awesome graphics that were used in the end credits. Check out the sequence in the video above, and part of the Jenkins interview below.

The Wonder Woman main-on-end titles are an amazing part of this movie. They act as a sort of reprise of the story, a recap of what the audience has just seen. Is that how you initially approached it?

Patty: In our case the title sequence almost became the end of the movie in a beautiful way. You’re right at a moment when you wish you had more and it becomes more. It carries forward the story in a way. What the final moment of the film is best at is saying “Now there’s Wonder Woman, now Wonder Woman is born.”

For more from Jenkins about Wonder Woman, check out the full interview at Art of the Title.

SOURCE: Art of the Title