‘Wonder Woman’ passes ‘Man of Steel’ domestically; ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ are next

It was another huge weekend for Wonder Woman at the box office! The movie has now grossed $318 million domestically, which puts it past Man of Steel’s $291 million. Now, it’s on track to pass Suicide Squad’s $325 million and Batman v Superman’s $330 million.

When you add in all of the international box office numbers, Wonder Woman has now made $652.8 million. It’ll beat Man of Steel’s $668 million worldwide gross soon, but probably won’t beat Suicide Squad ($745 million) or Batman v Superman ($873 million). But that’s okay, because it was never expected to!

Wonder Woman’s box office performance has been nothing short of amazing. This weekend’s box office numbers have made Patty Jenkins the biggest female director of all time, which should definitely help her at the negotiating table for the sequel. Talks are currently underway, but nothing has been officially announced yet. Perhaps we’ll hear something next month at a Comic-Con.

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo