Joss Whedon won’t be at Comic-Con with ‘Justice League’, but I bet Zack Snyder will be

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An Englishman In San Diego contributor Mark Searby was in London this past weekend and ran into none other than Joss Whedon, who is currently there to direct the Justice League reshoots.

Searby told Whedon that he was looking forward to the Justice League footage that Whedon would be bringing to San Diego Comic-Con next month, and says that Whedon replied: “I won’t be there. Only the second time in twenty years I won’t make it.”

Whedon may not be able to make it, but expect Justice League to have a huge presence in Hall H at SDCC. It’s the next big superhero movie from Warner Bros. and DC, after all. I’m expecting a new trailer and a panel with the cast. I’m also expecting that the original director, Zack Snyder, will be there. Let me explain why…

As you know, Snyder had to walk away from finishing Justice League after the tragic news of his daughter’s passing. That happened in March and Snyder has been to big DC events since then including CinemaCon and the Chinese premiere of Wonder Woman. Last year, Snyder flew to San Diego all night from London just to make Hall H and to show off the first Justice League footage.

This year, Snyder is just a short drive away from San Diego Comic-Con. He can be back home a few hours after the DC panel. Given Snyder’s love for DC and Hall H at Comic-Con, I would be very surprised if he wasn’t there to personally show off the latest from the movie he’s been working hard on for the past year. Comic-Con is a place for the fans, and the fans will treat Snyder like royalty. I think it’d be a really great atmosphere for him.

Do you agree with me and expect to see Zack Snyder at Comic-Con to show off Justice League in place of an absent Joss Whedon? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

SOURCE: An Englishman In San Diego