‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves says Ben Affleck is still his Batman

Warner Bros.

If you can remember, earlier this year there was a different rumor about Ben Affleck and The Batman just about every week. I take pride in only covering rumors from sources that have been reliable in the past, so I didn’t write about a lot of those rumors here on Batman News.

One rumor that caught a lot of attention was that Affleck was considering walking away from The Batman completely. Fuel to that fire was added when an official press release from Warner Bros. came out announcing Matt Reeves as The Batman director, but never mentioned Affleck’s name. Well, fear not!

Just a few weeks after DC Films producer Charles Roven said he had “every expectation” that Ben Affleck would star in The Batman, director Matt Reeves confirmed that Affleck is still in the starring role. Check it out in his own words in the Getty interview below.