‘Aquaman’ set video shows Amber Heard’s Mera in action

Last night Amber Heard shared an Aquaman set photo after filming, but YouTube user “bigfootkam” got footage of her character Mera in action while the cameras were rolling.

Here’s what was going down, according to bigfootkam:

Aquaman (2018) filming on location of Amnesty Bay set, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach. Amber Heard as ‘Mera’ can be seen dealing with a drunk patron at Jason Momoa (Aquaman/Arthur Curry) bar “Terry’s Sunken Galleon”. Gag features Amber as Mera exploding a bottle of beer in the face of a stunt performer that was previously greeted by Jason Momoa. James Wan is also seen giving direction to Amber Heard as onset crew shield her from view amid tight security. 15 cuts later we hope James Wan has the required footage.

Check out the Aquaman footage for yourself in the video above. There aren’t any spoilers here.

VIA: Comic Book Movie