Teen Titans Go! digital issue #45 review

The Titans have faced numerous threats: entire teams of supervillains, creatures from the underworld, and traitors among their ranks.  So when the Justice League comes calling, you know they’re going to answer.  And what is it that is too difficult for even the League to surmount?

Baby… sitting?

D’awwwwwwwwww.  He’s got a widdle-biddy spit-curl and everything.

Yes, Superman has been turned in to a baby (again, as we’re informed), and the League just… don’t want to deal with it right now.

Right off the bat this is a concept that would be pretty easy to coast on that has a bunch of little twists that make this a surprisingly memorable installment.  Sholly Fisch always turns in solid scripts with tons of great jokes, and I love that he incorporated elements of DC history into the gags.  This series is no stranger to little background sight gags, but seeing something like red Kryptonite written into the story?  That makes it that much funnier.

So, with the League absent and the Titans in over their heads, they find any way they can to get the baby to calm down.

It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Keep in mind this baby has the powers and metabolism of Superman and you can imagine how difficult it would be to be his caretaker.

Non-pasteurized milk? Those monsters…

The story is funny enough, with a punchline that’s pretty hysterical, and it’s those little details that make it even better.  Red Kryptonite was a fun enough inclusion, but Batcow?  I am all over that.

Lea Hernandez’s work is, as usual, solid for the title.  Her basic designs are different from the cartoon while still retaining that stylized bent, but when she lets the characters go crazy she really shines.  I love the insanity she brings to Starfire in that panel about “got your nose,” and there’s always a sense of movement and action to her sequencing.

And, come on, that baby Superman is adorable.

Recommended if:

  • You like Teen Titans Go!
  • You want a few solid laughs.
  • You’re a red Kryptonie archivist.

Overall: This is an example of a simple concept being elevated by some skilled writing.  Fisch could have easily phoned this in and threw in a few poop jokes (which are still there, to be honest), but going the extra mile and actually writing a story makes this work better than I thought it would.  Lea Hernandez’s work is simultaneously hilarious and adorable when it needs to be, and the pair work together to deliver one of the stronger installments of Teen Titans Go! in recent memory.

SCORE: 8/10