​Christopher Nolan is working on 4K remasters of his Dark Knight Trilogy

While promoting his new movie Dunkirk, which hits theaters on July 21, Christopher Nolan confirmed that he’s remastering his previous movies (such as the Dark Knight Trilogy) in 4K.

Nolan told BadTaste.it that he is personally involved in the 4K remastering process, and he seemed pretty excited about it. He explained that 4K with HDR technology gets the home video audience closer to the 6K resolution his movies were shot on, though the IMAX scenes are at a massive 18K. Check out his comments in the video below.

No word on when Nolan’s older movies will be released on 4K but I have a feeling they’ll be here by the end of the year, just in time for the holidays. Stay tuned to Batman News for more.

SOURCE: BadTaste.it