Christopher Nolan loved ‘Wonder Woman’, keeps up with DC movies as a fan now

Warner Bros.

There’s been a long list of celebrities and people in the industry praising Wonder Woman, and now we can add The Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan to that list.

“I did and I loved it,” Nolan told Yahoo when asked if he saw Wonder Woman. On the topic of keeping up with the other DC movies, Nolan added: “I mean, I watch the films. I enjoy films very much as a moviegoer these days. I spent 10 years of my life dealing with one of the greatest characters in popular fiction. It was a great honor and a privilege to work with that, but there’s a time to pass it on to new people.”

Nolan helped kick off the DC Extended Universe by producing Man of Steel, and he stayed on as an executive producer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He has since moved on from the world of superheroes and seems perfectly happy letting other people work on them now.

You can watch video of Nolan’s comments below.