This Week in Comics: Batman stabs a griffin with a golf tee

Batman made quite a few appearances this week, but none was more memorable than when he lanced a mythic beast in the gut. It happened in the prelude to this summer’s Metal event—which is appropriate, because there’s nothing more metal than slaying a griffin.

Art by John Romita, Jr., Danny Miki, and Alex Sinclair

My favorite book of the week was Red Hood and the Outlaws. It had its flaws, but it also had a lot of heart. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps delivered another compelling issue, too. What did you like this week?

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #12

Art by Kamone Shirahama

In my opinion, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey is so poorly developed and structured that it isn’t worth your time.

– Josh (read the full review)

Break from the Bat #17: Catching up on the Green Lantern books

Art by Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright

…the Green Lantern brand is in very capable hands right now.

– Brian (read the full review)

Dark Days: The Casting #1

Art by John Romita, Jr., Danny Miki, and Alex Sinclair

I’m just going to level with you all: I had to read this comic three times before any of it even began to gel with me, and by then I felt as bloated as if I’d eaten six sleeves of soda crackers and drank a gallon of water.

– Elena (read the full review)

Detective Comics #960

Art by Yasmine Putri

This week in the pages of Detective Comics: Batman seeks the answers to all questions, Luke Fox plays Doctor Frankenstein, and Azrael goes nuts.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11

Art by Karl Kerschl

…if you are a Maps fan…you’re going to have a great time with this issue.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Justice League of America #10

Art by Doug Mahnke and Wil Quintana

Scrap it. Start from scratch. Pretend like none of this ever happened.

– Josh (read the full review)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

Art by Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey

All of the hilarity and heart-warmth that [Bizarro] has brought to this title is on full display here.

– Brian (read the full review)

Suicide Squad #21

Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas

There are certain concepts that are great, and others that feel a little forced.

– Josh (read the full review)

Supergirl #11

Art by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Michael Atiyeh

I think we know all the answers and that’s kind of the problem with this story.

– Elena (read the full review)

Titans #13

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Yet again, Dan Abnett proves that Titans is not only the best hero team book being published by DC at the moment, but also one of the most entertaining!

– Josh (read the full review)