‘Nightwing’ director wants to cast someone who loves the character as much as he does

Earlier this year we learned that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay was in talks to direct a live-action Nightwing movie. McKay has since seemed to confirm the news, because he hasn’t been shy about talking about the movie on social media.

McKay is such a big Nightwing fan that he said he’s going to be getting a Nightwing tattoo soon to go along with a Catwoman tattoo he already has. He then showed his passion for the character in a series of tweets.

A fan then said that they hope the Nightwing actor loves the character as much as McKay, and he stated that it’s requirement due to all of the martial arts, gymnastics, and stunts that the role will require.

It’s great to see a director this passionate about a movie. Hopefully we get some more official Nightwing news soon.