‘Gotham’ Comic-Con poster teases young Bruce Wayne as Batman

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At the end of Gotham Season 3 last month we saw a young Bruce Wayne take his first steps to becoming Batman. The season ended with him dressing up in a ski mask and saving a family from a mugger.

TV Insider premiered a new poster for Gotham Season 4 today, which FOX will be handing out this week at Comic-Con, and it features a young Bruce Wayne overlooking Gotham City with his coat blowing behind him to resemble a cape. “Gotham: Dawn of Night” appears to be the tagline for the upcoming season.

It appears we can expect to see more vigilante work from Mr. Wayne in Gotham Season 4. If you missed it, here’s how Season 3 ended:

Gotham returns to FOX on a new day this fall. Season 4 premieres on Thursday, September 21.

SOURCE: TV Insider