Connie Nielsen recalls awkward “naked” encounter with Gal Gadot during ‘Wonder Woman’

Flickering Myth caught up with Connie Nielsen this week, who plays Wonder Woman’s mom Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman. Nielsen was asked if she had any funny set stories of Gal Gadot, and she had a great one!

“The first time I met Gal I was in the make up trailer inside a tanning tent getting spray tanned – a uniquely clammy experience,” Nielsen said. “I step out of the tent, naked but for a thong, Gal is whipping off her clothes to get into the tent – and that’s where we said hello the first time. Playing her mother added an extra twist to awkward.”

That is pretty funny and awkward! Something tells me that won’t make it onto the Blu-ray extras, though.

SOURCE: Flickering Myth