The new ‘Justice League’ Batmobile will be on display at Comic-Con

Warner Bros. and Mattel are bringing the Justice League Batmobile to Comic-Con this week. The beefed up Batmobile will be revealed tonight at Mattel’s booth alongside their remote controlled replica, which they revealed earlier this year at New York Toy Fair.

The real Justice League Batmobile weighs 8,500 pounds and is 20-feet-long. It’s fully-driveable and can reach speeds up to 205 mph. It is armed with twin .50 caliber retractable machine guns and missile launchers, as well as “stealth and active protective systems” according to Warner Bros.

Check out some photos of the new Batmobile and Mattel’s “Ultimate Justice League Batmobile” RC-replica in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Newsarama