Joelle Jones joins “Batman” creative team this fall

Beginning with October’s Batman #33, Joelle Jones will provide pencils for the Tom King-helmed book.  The issue begins a new arc titled “A Dream of Me,” where Batman goes on a journey of self-discovery after we learn Catwoman’s answer to Batman’s proposal.  So, yes: this is when we will learn what Selina says.

Jones is best known for her work on Lady Killer and the excellent Supergirl: Being Super, as well as some work on Batman ’66.  She’s very excited to draw a horse, and Batman is a nice bonus.

Batman #33 comes out October 18.  Until then, enjoy “The War of Jokes and Riddles” and some sweet, sweet art with Batman riding a horse.

UPDATE: Here are the uncolored pencils  for the cover as well.  Really nice detail on this cover.  I’m excited for her work, I must say.