Warner Bros. is planning ‘Wonder Woman’ Oscar campaign for Best Picture

Fan art by @MessyPandas

Wonder Woman is the biggest movie of the summer, and is one that is loved by both critics and fans alike. According to Variety, Warner Bros. is planning on using this momentum to launch an Oscar campaign. They hope that Wonder Woman can be the first comic book movie nominated for Best Picture.

Variety says that Warner Bros. will also be campaigning to get Patty Jenkins a nomination for Best Director. That would also be a first. No director of a comic book movie has ever been nominated for an Oscar. Not even Christopher Nolan.

Warner Bros. has launched Oscar campaigns for superhero movies in the past, including The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, but they were unsuccessful. Could Wonder Woman break the comic book movie trend at the Oscars? We’ll have to wait and see. Nominations won’t be out until early next year.

SOURCE: Variety