No, Ben Affleck did not sign for a Batman trilogy and Batman Beyond movie

Warner Bros.

Every so often a rumor gets so out of control that I need to write an article letting everyone know that it’s not true. Over the past few days I’ve received hundreds of tweets and emails about a Ben Affleck Batman rumor that is 100% false.

Last week a South African fansite claimed that Ben Affleck signed a new contract to be part of Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy, with the final movie taking inspiration from Batman Beyond to set up the next phase of the DC Extended Universe. This is 100% false for many reasons, including…

  1. The news comes from a South African website that you’ve never heard of.
  2. The article was written by “Edward Nigma”… aka The Riddler.
  3. If Ben Affleck signed a new Batman contract, it would be huge news on the big Hollywood websites that break this kind of news every single day: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline.

No website should have touched this story from a South African website that they never heard of, but they don’t care about anything other than clicks. They spread this story to a ridiculous level, I couldn’t stop hearing about it from Batman News readers and followers, which is why I’m setting the record straight now.

And in case you didn’t know, Batman News is a hobby of mine. It is not my main source of income. I don’t need to spread false stories for clicks. I pick the sources I use here on Batman News very carefully because I never want fans to get excited (or upset) over a big rumor that’s been completely made up.

We know that Ben Affleck has one more movie left on his contract. Do I hope I get to write a story about Affleck signing a new Batman contract one day? Absolutely! But when I write that article for Batman News the source will be Warner Bros., Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, or Deadline. Not a South African website run by The Riddler.