‘Wonder Woman’ Digital HD and Blu-ray release dates revealed

Update 08/10/17: Warner Bros. made it official today. Wonder Woman hits Digital HD on August 29th and Blu-ray on September 19th. Check out the announcement video above.

With Wonder Woman still kicking butt in theaters, Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce when it’ll be coming to Digital HD and Blu-ray, but it looks like their biggest retail partners may have just done it for them.

iTunes has Wonder Woman available for pre-order right now and says that the movie is expected to be released digitally on Tuesday, August 29th. Meanwhile, Amazon has the physical Blu-ray available for pre-order now as well. Earlier today, the listing said it will be available on Tuesday, September 19th, but that date has since been removed by Amazon.

These dates haven’t been confirmed by Warner Bros., but give us a good idea of when we can expect to watch Wonder Woman from the comfort of our own homes. As soon as the Digital HD and Blu-ray is officially announced, I’ll let you know here on Batman News.

Thanks to Batman News follower @SergioEES for the heads up!