New ‘Aquaman’ set photo shows off the armor of the bad guys

Last week, Aquaman set photos showed Amber Heard’s stunt double running on rooftops from some kind of Atlantean army. This weekend a new set photo surfaced that gives us a nice up close look at the armor the bad guys are wearing.

The blue background in the photo will be used to add some kind of CGI element to the scene. Earlier this week, director James Wan said that shooting a movie like Aquaman is “complex” and “super complicated”, which makes sense given a bulk of the movie will take place under water. Wan is also committed to shooting as much of the movie practically as he can, which is evident from the set photos we’ve seen over the past week.

Aquaman is shooting in Australia until October. It will hit theaters on December 21, 2018.

VIA: Aquaman Shrine (Twitter)