Casey Affleck doesn’t think his brother Ben will star in ‘The Batman’

Manchester by the Sea

Ben Affleck’s brother Casey was a guest today on WEEI’s sports radio show. They talked about all kinds of topics, and at one point host Rich Keefe asked about the rumors of Ben Affleck not starring in The Batman.

“I thought he was an okay Batman,” Affleck joked. “No, he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not gonna do that movie, I don’t think.” You can watch his comments at the 6:02 mark in the video below.

When the host informed Affleck that he just broke some major news, he backtracked a bit saying “Is that breaking news? I was just kind of making that up.”

Last month it was reported that Affleck wanted to leave his Batman role and that Warner Bros. was exploring ways to work it into the storyline of an upcoming movie. Affleck tried to downplay the rumors at Comic-Con by telling everyone that he loves being Batman and intends to fulfill his contract and play the role at least one more time after Justice League.

The problem is, Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. want The Batman to be a trilogy. If Affleck isn’t willing to sign up for more Batman movies, it’s possible that he and Warner Bros. will part ways and find an actor who will commit to all three instead.

Obviously this isn’t official yet, but it’s certainly a red flag. Let me know what you think of Casey Affleck’s comments below.