‘Wonder Woman’ passed $800 million worldwide and set another record

After nearly three months in theaters Wonder Woman’s box office run is about to come to an end, but not before hitting one last major milestone.

This weekend, Wonder Woman passed the $800 million worldwide mark. And with $404 million coming from the domestic box office, it’s the biggest superhero origin movie, passing Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie which made $403 million.

Wonder Woman still has one country to open in too. It hits theaters in Japan on August 25th. Batman v Superman made $16.5 million there, so Wonder Woman should add at least that much more to its box office total.

All of this box office news is great for director Patty Jenkins, who is in final negotiations with Warner Bros. to return for Wonder Woman 2. She expects to be paid as much as a male director, and these numbers prove that she should be… if not more!