First look at the Batman Who Laughs and his “pet Robins”

Of all the Dark Knights that Metal has teased, none are as intriguing as the Batman Who Laughs.  For a time, the reason for that was his the very mystery surrounding him; save for brief glimpses, the character has been all but absent from any publicity.

Riccardo Federici, the artist behind the SDCC reveal of the other Dark Knights, is here to fix that with the best look yet at the Batman Who Laughs.  While the intrigue is still there, the mystery has been replaced by outright terror.  Seriously, this dude is creepy.  The buckles and leather; the lack of any discernible eyes; that horrifying grin.  It’s all appropriately unsettling.

Even worse?  He has pets.

Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs, Jason Fabok


The Batman Who Laughs and those creepy little Robins won’t make their first full appearance until Metal #2, but head over to DC Comics for more details and some more pages from Teen Titans #12.

Update: And some colors, as shared by Scott Snyder.