Batman/Elmer Fudd Special’s Tom King and Lee Weeks reunite for this November’s Batman Annual #2

Remember Batman and Elmer Fudd?  How great that was?  Of course you do.  It’s a concept that’s so weird it’s impossible to forget, and for my money it’s the best Batman story of the year to boot.  It’s good stuff, is what I’m saying.

This November, the genius team behind Batman/Elmer Fudd is back as Batman scribe Tom King and the brilliant Lee Weeks tackle this year’s Batman annual.  The story will see Batman and Catwoman early in their careers as they first meet and begin their ongoing rivalry and romance.  Weeks’ cover is absolutely and expectedly gorgeous, I must say, and I’m glad to see him and King together again.  Not to say they should try to  bottle lightning, but if they wanted to go the noir route again I certainly wouldn’t complain.

Batman Annual #2 will hit comic shops and digital platforms November 29.