Rumor: Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor has been cut from ‘Justice League’

We haven’t seen Jesse Eisenberg in any of the Justice League trailers yet, but last December Warner Bros. revealed that he was in the movie in a Justice League press release. The movie has gone through some changes since then, and according to a new report fans may not see him at all when the movie hits theaters this November.

In a recent fan Q&A, Batman on Film was asked how big of a role Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor would have in Justice League. Their reply? “He doesn’t have one. If he did prior to all the changes/reshoots, it was cut.”

This is just a rumor right now, but one that doesn’t seem completely farfetched. Justice League has a lot of characters and with the reshoots adding in new scenes, it’s possible that some older ones will be left on the cutting room floor.

How would you feel if this rumor ends up being true? Let me know in the comments below.