Kevin Conroy: It’d be fun to play Batman, but Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’ is more realistic

Kevin Conroy is currently promoting Batman and Harley Quinn, which is out now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray next week. While speaking to HeyUGuys, Conroy was asked how he’d feel about suiting up as the Dark Knight in a live-action role.

“Well, let’s start a writing campaign before I get too old,” Conroy said with a laugh. “It would be so much fun! No, at this point, I’d have to be old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond or something like that.”

Conroy of course voiced the role of Bruce Wayne in the Batman Beyond animated series, but I do really like the idea of him stepping into that role again if a live-action Batman Beyond movie was ever made. He will turn 62 years old in November.

However, I’m not sure how realistic Conroy’s chances would be at landing that role. I could see Warner Bros. going with a more traditional movie star like Michael Keaton if they were ever to make a Batman Beyond movie, but let me know if you’d like to see Conroy make his live-action debut in a Batman movie one day in the comments below.