‘Justice League’ Hot Wheels unveiled in stop-motion video

The Justice League Hot Wheels are unveiled introducing Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Each superhero has their own Hot Wheels car. Watch as Batman and Wonder Woman assemble the Justice League and make a hasty getaway in the Flying Fox!

Produced by La Di Da Films for Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

Director: Adam Blake Carver
Cinematographer: Eric Adkins
Animator: Brandon Lake
Art Direction: Lauren Shell
Scenery and Set Fabrication: Dustin Yoder, Natalie Knudsen
Gaffer: Dustin Gardner
Electrician: Ian Raymond
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Hakim
Color: Paul Sage
Music by: Fredrik Ekstrom
Sound Design: Hive Studios
Special Thanks: Musa Brooker
Produced By: Adam Blake Carver & Leah McKissock
Production Company: La Di Da Films