First look at Metal’s Batman: The Drowned and Batman: The Merciless

The Dark Batmen (Batmans?) keep coming as the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse pave the way for Barbatos.  We’ve already gotten glimpses at the one-shots for the Murder Machine, Dawnbreaker, and the Red Death, and here are first looks at the Drowned and the Merciless.  Besides Jason Fabok’s covers, DC have also teased Francis Manapul’s interiors for the Merciless one-shot, so check that out in the gallery below.

Things aren’t looking good for the Suicide Squad, it seems.

These guys have some pretty cool designs, I must say.  None approach the outright terror of the Batman Who Laughs, but the Drowned has a cool nautical motif, while the literal knight design of the Merciless is menacing in its own right.

Batman: The Drowned from Dan Abnett and Philip Tan comes out October 18, with Peter J. Tomasi and Francis Manapul’s Batman: The Merciless following on October 25.