Geoff Johns and Doomsday Clock to receive spotlight at New York Comic-Con

The beginning is nigh.

Doomsday Clock fast approaches, with super-star team Geoff Johns and Gary Frank re-teaming to tackle one of Rebirth‘s biggest mysteries: what is the exact role Doctor Manhattan played in the DCU’s seemingly “stolen time”?

To capitalize on some already high anticipation, Johns will be the focus of a panel at New York Comic-Con, where he will discuss the forthcoming maxiseries and even share the first several pages of the debut issue.

Per DC:


Official Countdown to DOOMSDAY CLOCK Kicks off on Main Stage Panel

This November, The New York Times best-selling writer/artist team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will deliver the most talked-about new series, DOOMSDAY CLOCK. The book promises to bring together iconic characters from both the Watchmen and DC universes. Rest assured, fans counting down to the release will not have to wait long for new details about the series. Mark your calendars for the DOOMSDAY CLOCK panel on the New York Comic Con main stage Friday, October 6, at 6:00 pm ET.

During the panel, Johns will reveal the first pages of issue #1 and lead an in-depth discussion on how it all began, starting with his acclaimed DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH one-shot and leading to DOOMSDAY CLOCK this November. In addition, the audience will receive a limited-edition DOOMSDAY CLOCK item available only at the panel.

This is a first look you won’t want to miss. DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 hits shelves November 22, 2017.

Also of interest is the header image, which sees Batman reading Rorschach’s journal.  It remains to be seen what role Bats will play in the series, but he’s already investigated the Button; perhaps now he’ll investigate the Journal?

Our own Brian Warshaw will be attending NYCC and reporting from the panel, so Batman News will have updates and info firsthand.  If nothing else, I’m curious to see what special collectible they’ll be giving out.  They handed out these buttons at SDCC, and they’re pretty rad.

Doomsday Clock #1, from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson, will hit comic shops and digital platforms November 22.