‘Justice League’ reshoots? ‘Wonder Woman’ actors are heading back to the Themyscira set in Italy

We’ve heard that Justice League reshoots were going to take most of the summer to complete, but could they be going into the deep weeks of September as well?

Madeleine Vall Beijner, who played an Amazon warrior in Wonder Woman, shared a post on Instagram this week hinting that she’ll be part of more Justice League reshoots soon. “In less than three weeks I will be reunited with these badass amazon warriors again!!,” she wrote. “Also, in Themiscyra (Italy) at the same location where we were shooting the movie #WONDERWOMAN. Can’t wait to go back!”.

While it’s possible this could be a vacation for three friends who met on the set of Wonder Woman, reshoots for Justice League seems like a much more likely scenario to me.

Update: Aquaman is also scheduled to be filming in Italy soon. It’s possible this could be for that movie too.

Update #2: A fan claims to have reached out and got a response saying that this is not for Justice League.

Justice League is still scheduled to hit theaters on November 17th.

Thanks to Batman News reader Ryan for the heads up!