Preview: Sean Gordon Murphy’s “Batman: White Knight”

It seems that with Batman stories, there’s a little bit of everything these days.  In addition to investigating the Dark Multiverse in Metal and recounting his early career in Batman, Batman will also be the focus of some exciting upcoming miniseries.  One of the most intriguing (and possibly craziest) is October’s Batman: White Knight, the highly anticipated project from writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy.  Besides the basic concept of the miniseries, which sees a sane Joker going after the Batman and painting the hero as Gotham’s biggest threat, Murphy has been sharing various teases that show he is pulling references and ideas from any and all aspects of Batman lore.

Now, DC Comics has released a preview of the first issue, which comes out October 4th.  Check it out here, but be warned: it’s pretty brutal.  When the series was announced, I thought it was hyperbole when Murphy said Batman was going to be a villain, but… now I’m not sure.  Read it for yourself and let us know what you think.