Apple and Warner Bros. partner to upgrade your HD iTunes movies to 4K for free

Yesterday Apple held its annual iPhone event, but the company also introduced a new 4K Apple TV as well. Hollywood’s biggest stars were in the audience (including Zack Snyder), and Apple announced a deal with Warner Bros. and the other major Hollywood studios (except for Disney) that will really benefit consumers.

4K movies on iTunes will be available for the same price as current HD versions. But best of all, if you’ve already bought a HD movie on iTunes it will automatically be upgraded to the 4K version when it becomes available at no additional charge.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. hasn’t provided iTunes copies of movies with their Blu-rays in a very long time, and have instead embraced UltraViolet. But if you already have a large collection of HD movies in iTunes, you’ll soon be able to experience them in 4K for free.

The new 4K Apple TV will be available on on Friday, September 15th.