‘Nightwing’ will feature “lots of nods” to Dick Grayson’s circus past, says director Chris McKay

Earlier today Nightwing director Chris McKay told Collider his amazing vision for the movie, and in another interview with Cinemablend he confirmed that there will be “lots of nods” to Dick Grayson’s past with his family, The Flying Graysons and the circus.

“Yes. In some form. There will be lots of nods. Lots of nods,” McKay confirmed.

Everything McKay has been saying about the Nightwing movie has been great, including that he’ll make it when he’s ready. It’s not being rushed, so we may not be seeing it any time soon.

You can get your Nightwing fix next year, though. Last month, Pirates of the Caribbean star Brenton Thwaites was cast as the character in the live-action Titans TV show, which will premiere on DC’s upcoming streaming service in 2018.

SOURCE: Cinemablend