Christopher Priest and Pete Woods join “Justice League” this December

Ever since it was announced that Bryan Hitch would be leaving the Justice League title, fans have been waiting with bated breath on word of his replacement.  Well, the wait is over, as DC Comics have just revealed the new creative team: Christopher Priest and Pete Woods.  The Eisner-nominated writer of Deathstroke will be joined by former Action Comics penciler Woods on a new storyline, simply titled “Lost,” which begins this December.

From DC’s press release:

“In my initial Deathstroke conversation with Geoff, I suggested that, since we were reimagining Slade Wilson’s adventures, why not shape the new book more like what a Deathstroke feature or TV series might look like?” explains Priest. “It is my intent to bring that same sensibility to Justice League, taking a hard “what if these characters actually existed in the real world?” look and working in an area of the series premise that is less frequently tapped.”

That involves asking some hard and potentially redefining questions about the League itself.

“Is the Justice League still relevant?” Priest asks. “What are their goals and how do we define them? In the ‘real’ world, how would various societies around the globe view this pantheon of godlike beings?”

Head on over to the DC blog for more insight and quotes from Priest, as well as some of Woods’ layouts.  Justice League #34 will hit comic shops and digital platforms December 6.