This Week in Comics: The Immortals of the DC Universe plan to destroy the Dark Multiverse with the Anti-Monitor’s brain

You know when you’re watching a movie or tv show and some character starts speaking with a bunch of unnecessarily fancy words or complicated scientific jargon, and then the character they are speaking to tells them to speak English.  I’d like to think that the passage up above spoken by Morgaine Le Fey is indicative of the kinds of things us comics fans might say that would elicit a similar response amongst the uninitiated.

Dark Nights: Metal #2

It’s got plenty of dark undertones running all throughout it, and as the story wraps up, we are faced with some truly bleak circumstances.  Given that, it seems rather strange that I would close the book in a better mood than when I opened it.  But, I guess that’s the power of Scott’s narrative.

-Brandon (read full review)

Teen Titans #12

A decent tie-in to MetalTeen Titans #12 shines brightest when enjoyed for just what it contains: a delightful romp through a deadly maze with some of DC’s most distinct characters.

-Brian (read full review)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #14

Bizarro may have experienced a change, but he is still the same lovable guy at his core, and Lobdell does an excellent job presenting both sides of that coin (and making them work together) here. Red Hood and the Outlaws remains one of the best books on the stands, and it continues to add new layers of richness to what was already a diverse and satisfying experience.

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Titans #15

Titans #15 makes a lot of positive progress, and hits many good notes concerning the longevity of the arc. Abnet abandons some of the CW level drama that’s plagued the past few issues and works to pull the team together to face a common mission.

-Josh (read full review)

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1

The interior contains three fun stories that don’t cross over with the regular ongoing series, but are still fun Harley tales. Nothing crazy-violent here, so the Suicide Squad angle may be missing in Harley’s iterations here. But it’s a fun read and all three contributions have their strengths.

-Elena (read full review)

Detective Comics #964

When it comes to the Clayface portion of this story, I feel like Tynion is retreading on his own work.  And when it comes to the Anarky stuff, I’d much rather be reading the Alan Grant stuff.  Suffice it to say, this issue didn’t really work for me.

-Brandon (read full review)

Suicide Squad #25

 Readers and fans should be pissed. With one issue, Williams completely undoes everything that’s been building for more than a year now. All of my praise about Williams’ ability to play into consequences… Yeah, I take that back. All of it! If you’re reading trades, stop with the Zod arc. Just stop there. “Kill Your Darlings,” specifically this issue, is insanely frustrating for anyone who feels invested in the narrative.

-Josh (read full review)

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #14

Helena and Dinah take a field trip out of Gotham, and I wish I could take a field trip from this book.

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Justice League of America #14


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