Tim Seeley leaving “Nightwing”; Sam Humphries to take over

Well this is sad.  In an exclusive with CBR, it’s been announced that Tim Seeley will be leaving the Nightwing title with Green Lanterns scribe Sam Humphries taking over writing duties. Funny enough, Seeley will be writing Green Lanterns, so yeah, they pretty much swapped titles.

It’s bittersweet, as Seeley’s done some great work on the title, but Humphries has made the adventures of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz one of my favorite books so I think he’s in good hands.

On a personal level, I’ll miss Seeley on the title because I’ve been covering books from him pretty consistently for several years now.  I’ve followed his exploits in Grayson and seen him bring Dick back to Blüdhaven, and I’ve interviewed him three different times, so it’s sad seeing him go.  He promises to go out with a bang, though, as the upcoming “Raptor’s Revenge” arc serves as his swan song on the title.


We’ll miss you on Nightwing, Seeley, and welcome to the family, Sam.

Humphries will make his debut on the title with December’s issue 35, where he will be joined by penciler Bernard Chang.