More details on Ben Affleck’s canceled Batman script

Earlier in the week, we learned that Ben Affleck’s Batman script was inspired by the 1997 mystery thriller The Game. During a live Periscope chat last night, The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez revealed a few more details about The Batman’s previous script.

“Sources tell me it’s inspired by The Game, where Deathstroke is setting up all these traps and beating the crap out of (Batman),” he said.

Update 09/18: Once again, Joe Manganiello has interacted with a tweet about the old Batman script. This time with a simple emoji:

It would have been incredible seeing Batman and Deathstroke going at it toe-to-toe, especially if you’ve played Batman: Arkham Origins and remember all of the awesome moments between the characters. And who could forget that amazing trailer.

But now, Matt Reeves has taken over The Batman and has confirmed that he will be starting over with a new script. Could Deathstroke still be in his movie? Sure. But I don’t think it’s likely.