Justice League: Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot on how Batman and Wonder Woman have changed

Us Weekly caught up with Justice League stars Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot as part of their fall movie preview. They spoke about how Batman and Wonder Woman have changed since Batman v Superman, how Batman struggles to fit in, what the dynamic between them is, and more.

Check out the interview below.

Us Weekly: How have your characters changed since we last saw them?

Gal Gadot: She’s grown up — it’s been a century, after all! She’ll bring her specific qualities to a group dynamic, and she understands the enemy better than anyone else.

Ben Affleck: In Batman v Superman, he was at the end of his rope. But in Justice League he’s finding hope again. He has to open up and play well with others. He knows he needs them.

Us: Ben, does Batman struggle to fit in?

BA: He’s sort of the ultimate loner, but he’s really trying to make it work and develop a good relationship with all of them. He might be a mentor to The Flash.

Us: What’s the dynamic between Batman and Wonder Woman?

GG: Since they’ve fought together, they know each other’s strengths. They also understand the hope Superman stood for, that was lost [when he died], so they feel that more than the others.

Us: Physically, how did you prep?

BA: It’s all about paying attention to what you eat, lifting weights, cardio sessions. The batsuit is really form-fitting, so you have to prepare!

SOURCE: Us Weekly