Batman… err, Harley Quinn Day is this Saturday, September 23

It’s that time of year again: Batman Day is almost upon us.  The annual event, which celebrates all things Batman (like we do, you know, every day), is this Saturday, September 23.

At least, it would be, if a certain harlequin of crime hadn’t taken it over.  Yes, in celebration of her 25th anniversary, Harley Quinn is co-opting the Dark Knight’s annual day to cause her own brand of mischief.  Crazy to think it’s been 25 years since “Joker’s Favor” aired, and crazier still is the wild surge in popularity Harley’s seen in recent years.

Head on over to DC’s blog for ways to celebrate, signings, and deals.  Even if nothing big is near you, though, be sure to head to your local comic shop anyway and celebrate all things comics with fellow fans.  If you do hit up any creator signings, let us know and share your finds.

Check out Comixology for some killer sales on Batman trades, too.  Have you been meaning to pick up classics like Gotham by Gaslight or Knightfall?  Wanting to brush up on Scott Snyder’s work with The Black Mirror and The Court of Owls now that Metal is going strong?  They’ve got you covered with deals that can’t be beat.