First look at Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire’s art on Batman #33

In Batman #32, due on October 4th, we’ll finally have answers to some burning questions: what did Batman do during “The War of Jokes and Riddles” that even he is ashamed of?  How will Selina react to this revelation?  And, most burning of all, will she accept his marriage proposal?

We’ll have to wait another week and a half to find out these answers, but to tide us over, DC have released some preview pages from Batman #33.  Penciled by Joëlle Jones and colored by Jordie Bellaire, the pages show several of the Bat-boys lounging around the library in Wayne Manor.  Damian’s catching up on some light reading, Alfred is looking pensively out the window, and Ace is demanding the finest of belly scratches.  No idea what the context is, other than maybe “waiting for Bruce to come back with her answer,” but it’s lovely work just the same.

Fun story: at SDCC, Joëlle was pretty excited at the prospect of getting to draw a horse, so it’s nice to see she was able to draw a good doggie too.

Batman #33, written by Tom King, illustrated by Joëlle Jones, and colored by Jordie Bellaire, begins a new arc titled “A Dream of Me” and will hit comic shops and digital platforms October 18.