New ‘Justice League’ trailer shown at industry event, hopefully coming online next week

Last night, Warner Bros. gave a presentation at the National Association of Theatre Owners Fall Summit. Chris Sylvia, VP at Regal Cinemas, was there and said that Geoff Johns took the stage to go over all things DC, including showing off a brand new Justice League trailer. So when can fans expect to see the new (and final?) Justice League trailer online?

My best guess is next Thursday, October 5th for a couple of reasons. First, that’s when Warner Bros.’ big movie, Blade Runner 2049, is coming out. It’s a sci-fi movie, so a new Justice League trailer would be perfect for that audience. By releasing the trailer online that afternoon, Warner Bros. won’t have to worry about any leaks when Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters later that night. And October 5th just happens to be the first day of New York Comic-Con. It’d be a great way to kick off the show and the weekend.

If we don’t get the new Justice League trailer next week like I think we will, at least we know it’s coming soon. It was shown last night at an industry event, so it’s ready to go!