A look at Funko’s Batman Animated Wave 2 Pop!s

Perhaps a day is coming when the world—and I along with it—will grow tired of the Funko Pop! craze. But that day is not today, because today, I have a box full of vinyl from Batman: the Animated Series, and the notion that such things could ever outlive their usefulness seems ridiculous at the moment. So come with me as I look at some of Funko’s second wave of BtAS goodies (and a first-waver freshly added to my collection).

The Boy Wonder

Robin’s suit is all about bright, bold colors, and the Animated Series’ spare use of detail made the color and few visible features really pop (pun intended and not regretted). I love Funko’s reproduction, not least because that simple aesthetic from the show is the perfect look on the Pop! style. My only small qualm is that the “R” on Robin’s chest looks like the one worn by Tim in The New Batman Adventures, rather than that worn by Dick under the original banner. No matter—it’s still an excellent figure, and I’m glad that my Animated Batman finally has his Robin.

The Actor

For me, Clayface is the star of the second wave. He’s bigger than a normal Pop!, and even a little taller than X-Men villain Juggernaut. Most importantly, he’s a perfect translation from screen to Pop!, with a sinister, toothy smile, and those glowing, yellow eyes. Roland Daggett better watch his back…

The Duplicant

Straight from “His Silicon Soul”, the HARDAC-created duplicant of the real thing thinks that he’s actually a Batman Pop! And with a pose and costume that matches the true Batman, you can kind of see why. This one is maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of them, but it’s nevertheless a neat homage to a great episode of the series.

The BaninatrixWrestler

Bane with a mouth hole doesn’t make sense to me. It takes a character whose imposing size and brutality prevent criticisms of his goofy costume and instantly tips the scale more heavily toward goofy. That said, I actually really like this Pop! A big part of it is that the teeth-bared facial expression essentially fills the mouth hole, somewhat fixing the aesthetic assassination of everyone’s favorite island dictator. I also really love the design simplicity of the rest of his costume, which benefits him similarly to the way it does Robin. He’s not as amazing as the exclusive Bane that was in the last Legion of Collectors box, but then again, nothing is.

The One That Got Away

Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman film ever made. If you disagree, you are wrong, not a fan, simultaneously Republican and Democrat, and a Really Bad Person (did I leave anything out?).

But seriously, Phantasm is an incredible film, not least because of its title character and what that character represents in Bruce’s life and journey as Batman. This Pop! is a fantastic rendition of the Phantasm, with mask, tattered cloak, and wicked claw. Chuckie Sol, your angel of death awaits…on my display shelf.

That’s it for this box of goodness from Funko. You can buy these Animated Series Pop!s all over the place, so get them while you can!