A look at Funko’s first wave of Justice League Pop!s and Dorbz

With the theatrical release of Justice League coming up fast, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of Funko’s new Pop!s for the film. They graciously provided some for review, and even threw in some Dorbz for us to check out, as well. I’m still on the fence about some of these costumes, but they all look excellent in Funko’s trademark styles, and I’m happy to have them in my collection.

Batman (tactical suit)

Ah, the goggles. I’m not sure if I can get used to them, however practical they prove to be for protecting Bats from debris, intense light, and the spray of parademon blood. On these vinyl figures, though, they aren’t so bad—probably because the Pop! and Dorbz proportions make them look more substantial than they do in the film.

In spite of my overall preference for a cloth-suited Batman, I really love the rest of the tactical suit, and Funko’s reproduction on the Pop! is full of great detail. The Dorbz is as adorbzable as you might expect.

The Flash

I have been pretty down on the Flash costume from Justice League since I first layed eyes on it, but it’s been slowly growing on me. The one part that I’m still really resistant to is the bike helmet taper of the helmet’s rear. This is all but undetectable in the Pop!s shape, but the grooves are still present, which looks pretty sweet. I especially love Flash’s pose here. The Dorbz, well, it’s a Dorbz, so it’s super-cute.

Wonder Woman

I’m sure there were tweaks made to Diana’s costume for Justice League, But I can’t tell just by looking at it by itself, and I think that’s a good thing. The costume first featured in BvS was a great look for Wonder Woman, and I’m happy to see it enduring through several films. This probably makes things a little more difficult for a company like Funko to differentiate product versions, but they did an awesome job coming up with a fresh pose for this Pop! I particularly love the shield on the back, Cap-style!


Cyborg is one of my favorite characters, and I’m stoked to see him in Justice League. And despite some weirdness around his legs, he’s made a pretty graceful translation from comics to screen, and an equally graceful transition from screen to Pop! Funko’s stubby stylings even help to minimize some of the leg issues (though the feet are still noticeable if you look closely).


Aquaman is probably the DC film I look forward to the most, and I’m very eager to see how he lands (surfaces?) in Justice League. I’d prefer him with less armor, but I still like his look, which Funko reproduces nicely here. The Pop! also gives a better look at his back, which is a lot more gold than green. I kind of wish the costume designers had used more gold on the front, as well—it would have been more evocative of a classic Aquaman look.

Watch out when purchasing this particular Pop! It’s easy for the trident to get bent, so if you’re used to ordering your Funko stuff online, maybe try to find this guy in a store to ensure you get a good one.


That couldn’t possibly be Superman, right? Because he died, right? Okay, it’s not a new joke, and it’s not funny. I’m hoping for a good, heroic showing from Supes in Justice League, and this Pop!—more than any other in the box—stokes my excitement for the film. I love this pose, with Clark poised to take off (or is he landing?), cape fluttering in the air behind him. I wonder if there will be a black suit variant…

Born to Be WildMagic Carpet RideSteppenwolf

So there’s no Steppenwolf Pop! yet, but I’m assuming there will be a second wave of JL that includes him, and maybe a parademon and a police commissioner. Anyway, in the meantime, there is a Steppenwolf Dorbz, and I think it pretty much makes the entire DCEUwhatever-it’s-called worth it all by itself. He may not be my first, second, or seventy-first choice for a villain in the first ever Justice League movie, but this big-headed, smiling warlord is sure to be first in our hearts, thanks to this figure.

Well, that’s it for Funko’s first wave of Justice League Pop!s. Find them where Pop!s are sold, and find Justice League real, real soon I’m theaters.