‘Suicide Squad’ Batman (Rebreather Version) Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure review

This is a first for a Hot Toys review on Batman News. Today we’re looking at a figure that was so popular, it was already sold out by the time I received my review figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

I’ve wanted a Ben Affleck Batman Hot Toys figure since Batman v Superman, so I was thrilled when the Batman (Rebreather Version) Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure from Suicide Squad showed up at my door. And even though this particular figure is sold out, Sideshow still has a bunch of awesome Suicide Squad figures available, including the Batman/Joker hybrid, Harley Quinn, Joker (purple coat), and Joker (straight jacket) figures which we’ve reviewed previously.


As always, Hot Toys puts a lot of effort into the outside of the box too. I’m not exactly sure what this one is supposed to be, but it looks like a cool mash-up of Wayne Enterprises and Batman. When you take off the box’s slip cover, you’re greeted with the names of the talented folks at Hot Toys who designed and sculpted the figure.

What’s Included

The amount of accessories that’s included is almost overwhelming. There are three interchangeable eye pieces and three interchangeable lower faces to give Batman different expressions. It also comes with eight different hand pieces, mostly to accommodate the multiple weapons that are included. There’s the grapple gun, complete with wire and grappling hook, but the weapons from Batman v Superman are also included. You get Batman’s grenade launcher, four batarangs, and even Batman’s branding iron. And of course you get the rebreather device that Batman uses in Suicide Squad to save a drowning Harley Quinn.

Putting It All Together

A stand is included in the box so that you can display the Batman figure, but it doesn’t come with a backdrop like the Batman/Joker figure I reviewed last year. I guess that’s okay though, because Batman’s huge cape would probably get in the way.

And speaking of the cape, it’s massive! I’m not sure if any of the photos included in this review can do it justice. It’s made of a fabric material and has thin metal wires in it so that you can shape it a bit around Batman’s body and have him do various classic poses.

The sculpt itself is incredible. I’m always amazed at the amount of detail that Hoy Toys is able to include in their figures. The only negative was there was a small white spot on the back of my Batman figure (visible in the unboxing gallery above). It’s unfortunate, but not a huge deal since his cape will always be covering his back.

Wrap Up

Overall, I was very pleased to have an awesome Ben Affleck Batman to add to my collection of Hot Toys figures. It’s unfortunate that it sold out so quickly, but Sideshow Collectibles has lots more Suicide Squad figures to choose from. You know you’re getting a quality figure when you buy something made by Hot Toys.