‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is coming to Blu-ray in 2018

Batman: The Animated Series turned 25 years old this year, and Warner Bros. is finally showing it some love with a HD remaster on Blu-ray.

The announcement was made at New York Comic-Con yesterday at the Batman: The Animated Series panel. Polygon was in attendance and explained how it all went down:

Gary Miereanu, a Warner Bros. representative, held up a DVD box set of Batman: The Animated Series as a giveaway for the Q&A portion of the panel. He then announced that this would be the last time Warner Bros. would be giving away a set on DVD — because a remastered Blu-ray version of the acclaimed series is scheduled to be released “later in the year” in 2018.

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No other details were announced, but stay tuned to Batman News for more on the upcoming Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray release.

SOURCE: Polygon