Suicide Squad #27 review

Suicide Squad 27

Oh, Rob… At some point, I really will learn to trust you.

Remember when Suicide Squad was one of the most entertaining titles in Rebirth? After a questionable arc containing a number of decisions that can only be described as “head-scratchers,” I found myself becoming less enthusiastic about Suicide Squad. I don’t want to say I dreaded reading the book, but there were moments where each issue was worse than the previous issue, and that pattern did create some dread for future releases.

But here we are now, and it feels as if we never had a rough arc. Williams launches this arc with the same crisp writing that made Suicide Squad a successful book to begin with! The team and their characters are front and center here, and everything feels balanced! AKA: This isn’t the “Harley Quinn Show” anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I love Harley, but if I had to put up with another arc where she operated as the field leader, I was going to pull my hair out. The only question now, is who becomes the field leader?

As I mentioned above, the characters feel balanced in their presentation again, and Deadshot finally appears to get some of the attention he deserves. Meanwhile, Boomer is back to being Boomer, and the Croc/ Enchantress romance is still alive! Then there’s Katana who – more than anyone – appears to be in a place of transition, and I can only assume brilliant stories will come from this.

The story is also quite strong here, kicking off a new arc. When someone tries to assassinate Amanda Waller, the Squad is split up to investigate. Waller is clearly familiar with whoever is behind this, but in true form, she pretends to be clueless. One team of the Squad is sent into space to investigate a space station, while another is sent to investigate a separate facility. By the end of the issue, we’re teased with so much goodness that you’ll eagerly be waiting the next chapter in two weeks!

The Art: Barnaby Bagenda covers art for this issue, and while he delivers on the storytelling aspect, his pencils weren’t very good. There wasn’t much detail in his work, which I found highly noticeable with faces. I feel facial expressions greatly impact the ability of the script to succeed, and that finer detail was nowhere to be found. I’m certain it’s a matter of time, but if Bagenda can improve on the overall technique of his pencils, he could become a great artist!

Breakdowns for this issue can be found in the spoiler tag.


Recommended If:

  • You’re a fan of Suicide Squad’s run during Rebirth.
  • You weren’t crazy about the previous arc.
  • You don’t want to see Harley as the field leader.

Overall: Williams returns to form with this chapter of Suicide Squad, and I couldn’t be happier! This issue is high energy, a lot of fun, and contains quite a few laughs as well! It’s nice to see the characters represented so well after an arc of questionable plots and decisions, but this turn makes everything feel right again. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, Williams introduces us to a new mystery while teasing a number of characters!

SCORE: 7.5/10

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