You can own ‘Wonder Woman’ in HD for just $10 for a limited time

Amazon is having a special 50% off sale on Wonder Woman through October 16th exclusively for Prime members. You can buy the Digital HD version for just $10. But it gets better!

Warner Bros. announced this week that it’s joining Disney’s Movies Anywhere service, which means your digital purchases sync across Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play (after you sign up for Movies Anywhere and connect your accounts). Now when you buy a Warner Bros. movie on Amazon, it automatically appears on iTunes (and the other services mentioned). And because Apple did a deal with the movie studios, your HD movies will automatically be upgraded to 4K to watch on Apple’s new Apple TV.

So if you’re an Amazon Prime member and have a free Movies Anywhere account, take advantage of buying Wonder Woman for just $10 and then open up iTunes to see a 4K HDR version of the movie waiting for you. I had a similar experience this week when I signed up for Movies Anywhere. Since I already owned Wonder Woman in HD on Vudu, I now own it in 4K on iTunes. Pretty cool!

Update: Even though iTunes is displaying the 4K HDR logo on my Wonder Woman purchase, it’s been reported that it’s not playing back in full 4K resolution. It’s unclear as to if this is a glitch, or if Apple will only upgrade movies that you bought directly from iTunes (excluding movies sync’d from Movies Anywhere). Still, Wonder Woman in HD for $10 is a pretty good deal if you don’t have the movie already.

SOURCE: Amazon