DC president reportedly said Zack Snyder’s vision differs from theirs

Last month Vulture published a big piece on the future of DC movies that featured interviews with DC Films head Geoff Johns and DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson. Abraham Riesman, who did the interviews and wrote the article for Vulture, was a guest on a recent episode of the BOF podcast and revealed an interesting quote that didn’t make it into his story.

“That was actually a quote that didn’t show up in the finished piece, but that Diane [Nelson] gave me,” Riesman recalled. “It was to the effect of ‘we are a director driven place and Zack [Snyder] had a vision that didn’t necessarily sync up with what our vision of these characters is, but we respect that he wanted to go for that and that’s part of our philosophy’.”


In that same Vulture article, a source said that Geoff Johns raised concern that there wasn’t enough lightness or humor in Man of Steel but that his opinion was brushed off. Fast forward to 2017 and Johns is now the co-head of DC Films, where his opinion carries a lot more weight.

Director Matthew Vaughn recently revealed that he’s had talks with Warner Bros. about Superman, and that his take would be more like the old Christopher Reeves movies. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of a Superman we get in Man of Steel 2.

What do you make of these new comments from DC’s Diane Nelson? Let me know below.

SOURCE: BOF Podcast Episode 96