‘Gotham City Sirens’ director reignites Catwoman rumors with a Twitter follow

Over the summer, Baby Driver star Eiza González found herself in the middle of some Catwoman rumors. I didn’t cover them on Batman News because I didn’t think there was anything to them, but here’s what went down…

First DC Films head Geoff Johns started following her on Twitter, then she posted a photo on social media of the Warner Bros. lot, and even shared selfies in a catsuit (that did look very Catwoman) with the caption “the uniform lately”. So if we play along and assume that all of those events mean something, there is some more evidence today to the Catwoman theory the internet has come up with.

Gotham City Sirens director David Ayer recently started following Eiza González on Twitter. And she just got a haircut today that is definitely very “Selina Kyle”.

RUMOR: David Ayer Officially follows rumored Catwoman actress Eiza Gonzalez on Twitter + she cuts hair… from DC_Cinematic

My opinion is that this is all just one big coincidence. Gotham City Sirens wasn’t even mentioned at Comic-Con over the summer, and appears to be less of priority for Warner Bros. than Suicide Squad 2 or the Joker/Harley Quinn movie. Let me know what you make of all these Catwoman rumors in the comments section below.