Animated version of Tim Burton’s Superman movie was considered by Warner Bros.

In the 1990s, Nicolas Cage was cast as Superman by Batman director Tim Burton for his next movie, Superman Lives. The project was pretty far along in pre-production, but ended up being canceled.

Earlier this month at New York Comic-Con in the press room, Batman vs. Two-Face writer Michael Jelenic revealed that he pitched an idea of making a Superman Lives animated movie to Warner Bros.

“I had a big pitch, and they took it seriously for a second,” Jelenic revealed, “to do Tim Burton’s Superman…to do that animated.”

“Nic Cage would do it,” a reporter said. “He would absolutely do it!” Jelenic added.

Who knows, maybe Warner Bros. will make this a reality one day. Would you like to see an animated version of Superman Lives? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: CBR (via ComicBook)