Listen to Danny Elfman’s ‘Justice League’ soundtrack; full tracklist revealed

Entertainment Weekly just premiered a track from Danny Elfman’s upcoming  Justice League soundtrack. It’s called “Hero’s Theme” and you can listen to it in the video above. I hear hints of his classic Batman theme in there too!

The Justice League soundtrack will be released digitally on November 10th, a two-CD edition will follow on December 8th, and a vinyl edition will be available February 9, 2018. The full tracklist is below, there are 27 in total.

Justice League soundtrack

  1. “Everybody Knows” — Sigrid
  2. The Justice League Theme — Logos
  3. Hero’s Theme
  4. Batman on the Roof
  5. Enter Cyborg
  6. Wonder Woman Rescue
  7. Hippolyta’s Arrow
  8. The Story of Steppenwolf
  9. The Amazon Mother Box
  10. Cyborg Meets Diana
  11. Aquaman in Atlantis
  12. Then There Were Three
  13. The Tunnel Fight
  14. The World Needs Superman
  15. Spark of The Flash
  16. Friends and Foes
  17. Justice League United
  18. Home
  19. Bruce and Diana
  20. The Final Battle
  21. A New Hope
  22. Anti-Hero’s Theme
  23. “Come Together” — Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL
  24. “Icky Thump” — The White Stripes
  25. The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track)
  26. The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track)
  27. Mother Russia (Bonus Track)

Update: Several Batman News readers let me know that there’s another track to listen to if you’re an Apple Music subscriber. “Friends and Foes” features a twist on the classic Superman theme that Danny Elfman spoke about in an interview last month. A fan upload it to YouTube below:

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly